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7 Ways a Life Coach Can Help You

7 Ways A Life Coach Can Help You text on a winding road

Why do I need a life coach? A life coach may seem like a vague term and if I’m perfectly honest, I cringe whenever I hear it, but the truth is that everything is a part of your life: Your career, your family, your relationships, your finances, your health, your personal growth, and leadership skills, […]

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How To Negotiate Salary

Man On Top of a Hill with Dollar Signs

How to negotiate salary is one of the biggest concerns a job hunter has. If you don’t have a lot of experience with this (and most people don’t), a career coach can help you with many aspects of a career, including the salary negotiation process. How to negotiate salary, your to-do list: Negotiate! You do not […]

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Top 10 Leadership Skills

Top Ten Leadership Skills

So, you want to become a leader? Or maybe you already are one, but you want to be a better leader. There are 10 leadership skills or leadership qualities that employers and employees value above all else. You don’t necessarily need to master them all at once, but steadily working to improve each skill will […]

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