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I have been very pleased and surprised by the impact that Jane has had on my life in her capacity as a professional coach. Her great listening and probing skills have been very enlightening for me. While I had always thought of myself as someone who was confident in his abilities, Jane has been able to show me the areas where I was not fully embracing my skills and capabilities. Jane has pushed me to think more deeply about what is truly important to me which has assisted in bringing about profound and positive change in my life, both personally and professionally. Jane clearly cares about her clients and is a warm and empathetic person but equally at ease with challenging you to be honest with yourself. I would and have highly recommended Jane’s coaching services to others.

Vice President of Technical Management
Forensic Engineering Industry

After having spent many years focused on a successful career, Jane helped me to stop and reassess what was really important in my life. She helped me revisit my priorities and make the necessary adjustments to ensure I truly found balance in my life and focused on things that mattered most to me. She helped build my confidence, inspired me to be more trusting and helped break a cycle of being tentative in my personal relationships. She helped me to carve out time for myself, to let go of destructive relationships and I have to say I am the happiest I have been in years, as a result of our sessions. Jane is a great listener and I always felt comfortable sharing sensitive and personal issues. She was always supportive and never passed judgement on what I was saying. She allowed me to review and prepare for sessions at my own speed. Jane has a warm, empathetic and intuitive style. Jane genuinely cares about helping her clients achieve a more rewarding and fulfilling life. I would highly recommend making the personal investment to work with Jane to help unleash your full potential.

Vice President of Human Resources
Hi-Tech Industry

Jane has been a very positive influence in my life. She has a sincere approach and a genuine interest in improving the personal and professional lives of her clients. Her methodical approach helped me in understanding my strengths and weaknesses. She also assisted me in working on the weaknesses and devising a plan which I can follow in future. Her empathetic and personable style makes you comfortable from the start and you feel that you are working with a “Friend” on an assignment! Jane’s program has allowed me to refocus my energies in my personal and professional life and also achieve work/ life balance. I would strongly recommend her program to any professional who wants to take a pause, re-evaluate and refocus their energies to maximize their potential.

Vice-President and Chief Investment Officer
Real Estate Investment Industry

I would most definitely recommend Jane’s coaching services. When I first engaged Jane for coaching, I was seeking help to think through career options. I was unhappy and exhausted, doing work I didn’t love and feeling stuck in my role. I am a classic over-achiever, a husband and father of two young kids, a busy professional with an MBA and consulting experience and I generally had low expectations of coaching because hey “I’m already smart” and “men don’t do coaching.” Through our sessions Jane helped me see the bigger picture, reframe my objective, and remember what matters most to me. I re-discovered confidence and optimism about my skills, values, and impact on others. I am thrilled that after boldly talking with colleagues and leaders at work, I am now in a new role (same bank), with a manager and team I admire, doing work that is meaningful to me. Outside of work, I am also making time for things which “refill my tank”. I have more energy, better balance, a brighter outlook, and greater courage and conviction in my relationships with my family, friends, and co-workers. This truly would not have happened without Jane’s coaching skills, expertise and empathy. Her approach is caring, thoughtful and purposeful and I now understand the value that a coach like Jane brings to personal reflection. It’s all about helping you discover/remember/define for yourself the things that matter most to you and crucially it’s about helping you commit to ACTION on those insights. I am now happier, in a great job and focused on the possibilities before me, weighing where I can have the greatest impact! Thank you Jane!

Director, Strategic Projects
One of Toronto’s Big Five Banks

I went to my first coaching session with Jane with an open mind and a blank slate. The only expectation I had was that I will learn something new. Needless to say, my journey with Jane not only satisfied that completely, but it brought forth a renewed hunger to live life to its fullest. Her coaching was very fluid and had the ability to tease out really interesting insights about one’s self in a way that I was able to act upon immediately to drive positive changes in my life. I found Jane to be very attentive, empathetic, and kind, with an innate passion to help me discover what I am, what I want, and what I can be. Jane’s coaching has become one of the highlights in my life and will continue to have a profound impact to the way I understand myself and the influences I have around me.

Senior Engineer
Automotive Industry

Before I started coaching with Jane, I had an idea that she would somehow get me to ‘fix’ my life. The little nagging things I don’t get to every day that eat away at my feelings of being accomplished or getting everything done. But, the conversations helped me realize how much my life is already on track, and that it is the worrying and avoidance, not the ‘undone things’ that are the trouble. That in fact, life and work will never be done, and that is okay! In short, Jane helped me find gratitude and space to celebrate more and worry a lot less. This has made me a lot happier in my work and my life overall! She also helped me unearth and reveal the things that are truly important in my life. It’s funny how in the middle of the day, without thinking about the coaching, I would find myself enacting one of my values and bringing more awareness to how that made me feel. It made me feel good to know I was acting from my deepest values! Jane is extremely talented as a coach. She is funny, kind, respectful, intuitive, smart, non-judgmental, wise. She makes you feel comfortable, and she really listens. And she also knows how to push you the right amount! I would really recommend working with her if you’re feeling a bit stuck in work or life more generally. Jane is great!

Professor and Ph.D.
State University, U.S.A.

I must confess, I was a little skeptical about hiring a professional career & life coach. Having spent 18 years in HR, I had a preconceived idea of what we would discuss and the approach Jane would take. Boy, was I wrong!! Jane had the perfect balance of asking tough, no-nonsense questions and giving supportive, thoughtful, and insightful feedback. She created a safe space to explore and reflect about everyday things (like values) in a way that was refreshing. I am grateful for our sessions, which were extremely valuable at a time when I was at a crossroad in my career. I have new tools to help me navigate through life and a lot more confidence. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Jane again and have already recommended her to friends and colleagues.

Director, Human Resources
International Not-For-Profit Organization

I was referred to Jane by a work colleague at a time when I was making large changes and taking on new challenges at work. Jane guided me through a deeper understanding of my work ethic and core values, that have helped me to glean opportunities in my career that I would not have realized without her. Her ability to humbly prompt you to identify and break-down your actions and interactions with others, gives you the confidence to approach various work scenarios such as networking, managing teams and supervisors, and inspiring leadership among peers. Working with Jane has given me the insight to identify and process instances when I am sabotaging my own progress or not acting in my own best interest. Although, I sought Jane’s professional services for support in my career, I found that she was equally able to help me with personal relationships. I appreciate that Jane uses a variety of well known tools, and assessment methods to bolster her sessions, while also actively listening and navigating off-script as necessary to delve into issues as they come up. For me, this approach adds authenticity to our discussions and the flexibility to delve into topics relevant for me. My time working with Jane has been invaluable and I would recommend her to anyone interested in seeking support in both their professional and personal lives.

Environmental Engineer
Consulting Firm

I was relatively unfamiliar with coaching practices and benefits when it was suggested to me by a friend. I knew I needed something; I felt stuck at work. Co-active coaching was quite helpful for several reasons. First, it forces accountability by adhering to a schedule, which helps to overcome the inertia to do nothing. Second, its holistic approach drives attention to matters you may not be aware are problematic, but which can benefit from the scrutiny, and the action, of the process. And finally, it focuses attention in a practical way on concrete actions to move forward. I appreciated and benefited from this action-oriented approach. From feelings of frustration and anger prior to coaching to a much more relaxed and directed perspective post coaching, the biggest benefits were awareness of issues, greater self-knowledge, increased confidence in direction, and several additional broad avenues for future exploration and improvement. The impact of these outcomes has increased clarity of purpose in numerous areas of life, increased awareness of how to make meaningful progress, and increased resolve to take specific actions against goals. Jane has many clients, no doubt with different styles and needs. For me, she provided the accountability; the focus on specific, tangible actions; and the broad range of topic areas I needed to move forward. For conscientious and driven individuals who have temporarily lost perspective, Jane can help get you back on track.

Director of Consulting and Design
Technology Consulting Industry

What Jane provided me through her coaching sessions was life changing. Jane is easy to talk to, warm, honest, genuine, caring, highly intuitive and inspiring! She is passionate about helping people recognize their full potential and making the world a better place. Jane helped reunite me with my core values leading to true and genuine confidence which enabled me to clarify and take action toward my goals. I truly appreciated Jane throughout my journey as with her encouragement, support, passion and guidance, I have been able to achieve my goals both in my career transition and in my personal life. I have now gained trust in myself that will continue to help me navigate through life’s challenges and turn them into opportunities and more possibilities! I highly recommend Jane’s coaching program!

Senior Human Resources Consultant
Bell Canada

Jane has been a huge positive influence on my career and personal life since my first session. She helped change my perspective which brought out all the opportunities I had around me, but was too afraid to see before. She is very patient and truly caring which made our sessions just seem like a thoughtful conversation between friends. She knows what to ask and say to make you find your own way. Jane is a wonderful coach and person and I’m now proud to call her my friend. I am happier, more confident and now have more clarity and optimism about my future. I left every session with a bounce in my step! I would highly recommend Jane’s services to anyone who is genuinely interested in finding happiness in their career and personal life and is willing to do what it takes to achieve it.

Chemical and Bioengineer
Pharmaceutical Industry

I was introduced to Jane by a colleague who knew I was not very happy at work. When Jane approached me, I started talking to her with a great deal of skepticism, however after the introductory session, I thought I’d give professional coaching a try. So happy that I did! I have always been aware of my core values, but Jane really challenged me on how I actually live up to those values. She pushed me to think deeply about my beliefs and what was preventing me from living up to them, something that I was never able to do on my own. Her methods helped me to identify, discover and define what is really important in my life and how to prevent my mental saboteurs from impeding me from working towards them. I have and would recommended her coaching to others with joy!

Technical Lead and Ph.D.
Forensic Consulting Industry

I knew from my initial conversation with Jane that she was going to have a positive impact on my life. When we first spoke, I felt like my life was on auto-pilot, and although it was moving at light speed, it was directionless – with no definitive destination. Throughout my sessions with Jane, she has helped me realize the importance of slowing down, listening to myself, understanding myself, and prioritizing myself. I’ve found Jane’s multi-faceted approach to coaching highly valuable, as she dives into each realm, from work to relationships to fun & recreation, personal health, etc. In both my professional and personal life, Jane’s guidance has helped me identify areas where I have felt uncomfortable or have been scared to make changes. Kindly but firmly, Jane pushed my thinking and my imagination, and I’ve come to realizations about my values and my goals I would not have otherwise come to on my own. As a coach, Jane is warm, kind, patient, genuine, and most importantly a very attentive listener. Moreover, she is just a joy to speak with. Although our sessions were not always easy, I always came out of it feeling like I had fun. I felt like Jane was truly able to understand me as a person and what I was struggling with, and catered our sessions and our exercises to what she knew might help. I have greatly appreciated the wise and intuitive guidance she has offered. Thanks to Jane, I have a much clearer sense of who I am as a person, what I value, and what my future goals are, and what my purpose is. Her coaching has brought all of this into alignment for me – where I can now feel secure that my thoughts and actions are reflecting my values. I have grown into a more accepting, content, and confident version of myself. I cannot thank Jane enough for taking the time to reach out and for working with me. I am always happy to share what I’ve learned from her with others in my life, and would recommend her as a coach to anyone who is seeking to learn and understand themselves, their values, and their purpose in life.

Director, Project Delivery
Capital Markets Technology

Jane has been a very positive influence in my life. Working with her has allowed me to de-clutter my life and focus on what’s really important, which also includes taking care of myself and seeing myself as important. She encouraged me to try new things outside of my comfort zone which has increased my self-confidence in my interactions with others. My relationship with my husband and kids has improved as a result and more importantly, my relationship with myself. Jane is friendly and never judges anything that I have to say but she also gets to the point and is willing to call me out on my actions that are not aligned to the results that I want to achieve. She is detailed and results driven and holds me accountable to the commitments that I have made. The biggest takeaway from our sessions is that I can now look at situations from a new empowered perspective versus how I have been perceiving situations and reactions from people for years; through the lens of my inner critic. Working with Jane has given me the ability to recognize my inner critic and more importantly the tools to counter those negative thoughts and feelings which has really helped with increasing my self-esteem. I would definitely recommend Jane’s services to anyone who is looking for substantial positive change in their lives and don’t know where to begin.

Pharmacist, Wife and Mom

As an individual who likes to work through my problems on my own, though I sought out Jane’s help, I was initially resistant to the process and idea of career counselling. That is, until I met with Jane for our first session together. She was the light and guidance I had been seeking for years. With Jane it wasn’t about figuring out why I was unhappy with my chosen career, but rather we focused on what made me happy and how to find that in my day-to-day life. The result of time spent with Jane – a renewed sense of purpose in my job, a renewed sense of value in my personal life, and an overall renewed sense of self. Jane truly sees the individual sitting in front of her. I never felt that our sessions were scripted, but rather based on what I was feeling and needing on that specific day. I truly enjoyed the weekly homework assignments, even the ones that challenged me to the point of tears. She is a skilled listener, provides intelligent feedback, and is truly a kind and caring person. I have and will continue to highly recommend her services. Thank you Jane for your continued positive impact on my relationship with work, friends, and with myself.

Special Education Teacher
York Region District School Board

You only live twice:
Once when you’re born,
And once when you become your true self.
It is easy to get caught up in the momentum of daily life. We often lose ourselves in the process. We begin to accept things about ourselves that are not true. Those false stories shape our future unless we consciously intervene. Jane creates a safe and compelling environment for clients to pull at the strands of their life and provides the tools to begin to weave those strands into a fabric of their choosing. I often find myself now consciously enjoying the process of life much more. Jane’s approach is so powerful because she combines intelligence and empathy in equal measure. As a result of my experience, I now have a renewed confidence in my own abilities to serve others. I would highly recommend Jane for those seeking to elevate their life to the next level.

Portfolio Manager
Investment Industry

I am very pleased with the difference Jane has made in my life, both professionally and personally. Jane helped me connect with my personal values and build a system of evaluation and decision making based on that value system. Through several exercises, I have found that the hang-ups and struggles with confidence that I have faced are absolutely normal and shared by many people. People struggle with the same demons however some people are just better at hiding them. Through self-evaluation and reflection, Jane helped me to be more outspoken, make more confident decisions and level the playing field in my personal and professional relationships. Before coming to Jane, I thought that constantly being busy with productive and goal-oriented tasks was the route to a successful life, but Jane made me see the 10,000 ft. view and realize that I needed to take time out for myself and enjoy the journey. Jane is empathetic, non-judgemental, approachable and most importantly she has the ability to get the answers for success out of you – because we already have the answers inside of us. I highly recommend Jane as a career coach.

Manager and Forensic Engineer
Forensic Engineering Industry

I was introduced to Jane by a friend when I was at a crossroads in my life both professionally and personally. We were able to deal with complex entanglements that were not serving me well. One of the key factors in achieving this was by identifying and always focusing back on my core values. Using this principle we were able to work on an effective roadmap together with a clear path I could confidently move forward on. Jane is a master communicator and can really connect well on a personal level. I found her ability to break down complex concepts into simple and highly relatable terms extremely helpful. Jane was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would thoroughly recommend her services.

Co-founder and President
Sport Nutrition/Health and Wellness Industry

The best way to sum up my coaching experience with Jane is to say that it opened new possibilities for me. Through her strong support, I gained the confidence to grow and find a role that suits me! I was able to focus on what I wanted for my next role, and built and implemented a fitting plan. Jane is a great listener and had the excellent ability to identify the issues that were holding me back and offered solutions to move me forward in a positive and thoughtful way. I feel more energized and motivated to try new things, and believe in myself more than before. I highly recommend Jane’s services for those looking to explore new opportunities!

Senior Manager, Real Estate Transactions
Public Sector Real Estate Development Corporation

I had met Jane a few months prior at an event before my first sample coaching session with her. We had a mutual connection and that perhaps may have eased my comfort with her as I am generally not very good with talking to new people. Jane’s warm and honest personality drew me in more as I talked to her throughout the evening. I was not familiar with life coaching before I met Jane and it had never crossed my mind that I would ever need coaching sessions. But after a few sessions, I soon realized how much discord existed in my life and I was merely trying to hold it all together as I had always done. After putting my whole life into work for 7 years, I was let go one morning as a result of company restructuring. I believed that work would never fail me and that I would reap the results of the effort I put into it. Work was life and I had no balance. I quickly found a new role but subconsciously, I had developed a resentment and bitterness to the corporate world. I worked, but with no purpose other than to make money and sustain a living. Jane helped me to uncover my core values and to bridge these values with my purpose in life while being cognizant of my inner critic. As the sessions progressed, I finally started to gain congruence with who I was, what I did, and how I lived. I also learned how to articulate my feelings throughout the coaching sessions and to realize my emotions. I was so busy ‘doing’ that I forgot how to ‘be’. This is one of the biggest learnings that Jane has taught me and with the tools that Jane has provided, I am working on maintaining this in my everyday life. I give Jane my highest recommendation to everyone. Be prepared for positive change with Jane.

Marketing Manager
IT Industry

I have known Jane for years, but did not begin to work with Jane in her capacity as a coach until recently. We began chatting at a time when I was very dissatisfied with my career, and looking to get back on track. Jane challenged me to first evaluate my personal and professional values, because without identifying my values, I could not be successful in holding true to them. Once focus was regained, it was time to start asking how people or jobs or decisions aligned or misaligned with those values. It all sounds so simple, and Jane has a way of making it easy, but I am certain that this is not something intuitive that I would have been able to get through alone. Jane’s ability to ask guided questions and keep a focus while also allowing the discussion to flow freely is remarkable. I am left with a very strong sense of who I am, what I care about, and what is peripheral. When I wake up in the morning, I am confident that I can succeed by being honest with myself and my clients. Someone asked me recently what I would do if my very best client called me and asked me to do something shady, to which I replied “Then they’re not my best client!”. That confidence is a direct function of my coaching relationship with Jane. I would recommend Starlit Sky Coaching to anyone who wonders what might be next, and is curious about how much more happiness and satisfaction they might be missing.

Forensic Engineer
Forensic Engineering Industry

This past year has been a trying one. My career was draining me of my creativity and motivation, and it was unfortunately spilling over into my personal life. Spring and summer were a particularly low point – while I usually opt to work through problems on my own, it was simply not working. I found myself falling deeper and deeper into a very dark place. I found Jane following a recommendation from a friend who spoke incredibly highly of her expertise. It would be an understatement to say that Jane surpassed my expectations. From the onset, Jane made me feel comfortable, competent and safe. She has such a gift of making you feel at ease to be able to really communicate how and what you are feeling. Jane has given me tools to work through the issues that I was ineffectively coping with – particularly in the workplace. She made me realize that I needed to slow down, find time for myself, to daydream, to give myself permission to change direction, to be more vulnerable and to silence that inner critic in order to see things more clearly. The focus on my core values and how they apply to various areas in my life has been particularly enlightening. Since tuning into these values and applying them in the workplace (in addition to the other areas of my life), I have completely changed my perspective and this has had the most incredible effect on my overall well-being and day to day life. Sessions with Jane are something that I genuinely look forward to and I always leave feeling lighter and inspired. Her intuitive questions and subsequent homework assignments are remarkably thought-provoking and help carry over the topics covered in session. I am now in a much more pleasant and fulfilled space in all areas of my life. I find myself sharing some of the conversations that I have had with Jane to whomever it is that will listen! I can no longer say that I am in a dark place or feeling lost. The reset and refocus that Jane has guided me through has been nothing short of life-changing. Thank you Jane!

Speech Language Pathologist
Healthcare Sector

After working for a company for 10+ years, I realized that my vision of my future didn’t align with the company’s leaders. However I was torn as to whether I should stay with the company where I had so much history, or start down a new road. Jane helped me see my ideal future and the steps I needed to take to start my journey towards that future. Jane’s unique style helped guide me through several tough decisions, and has given me the confidence and skills to continue making choices that align with my values and goals in both my career and personal life. Jane genuinely cares for her clients, and helps them realize their unique qualities and skills that were always there but perhaps hidden, so they can shine and flourish. I would recommend Jane’s services to anyone who feels like they are at a crossroads or struggling to find their path.

Building Performance Specialist and Mechanical Engineer
Investment and Property Management Industry

Coaching really helped with me seeing things for what they are not necessarily how I perceived them. The time spent with Jane really helped me to understand what I wanted out of my career and that I was good enough as I am. I learned how to not be “stressed out” and how to “be”. My perspective on many things definitely shifted from feeling like I was responsible for what everyone else did, felt, etc. to taking care of myself and respecting my own boundaries. I am definitely more effective now than I was before, and I don’t have “fight or flight” sense of insecurity – I can clearly state what I need or think and not be worried about negative repercussions. Jane helps you work past all of your preconceived notions about yourself and others. She calls out your “crap” in a way that wakes you up and gets to your core. Jane really listens and takes cues from what you are experiencing, feeling, etc. to guide the sessions. Jane is an amazing coach and even if you think you don’t need a coach, you need Jane!!!

Senior Scientist
Environmental Consulting Industry

Before I started the coaching process with Jane, I was extremely skeptical. How could someone who didn’t know me be helpful? But I felt lost – I was working in what I thought was my dream job, but was miserable – I felt like I was being taken for granted. I had no idea what to do. Through my time with Jane I have learned about the importance of being honest with those around me, and the value of asking for what I want and need – in all of my relationships. My career has taken off, and my personal relationships – those with my family, friends, and partner – are stronger than ever. I’m happier and more satisfied in every aspect of my life. I would highly recommend working with Jane for anyone who is struggling with work, or aspects of life that seem unmanageable. Thank you so much, Jane. You have changed my life, and I will always value the time we spent together.


Let me start by saying that Jane is absolutely wonderful and a very good coach. I was a bit skeptical at first, but she turned my vision of coaching completely around. She is honest, clear, attentive and very intuitive. She, at the right moments, shared a piece of herself with me so that I felt I could relate to her, which gave me hope. So you could say that she had a very big impact on me in a pretty short time. I went to her because I’d been feeling stuck (job-wise) for a long time. I just couldn’t seem to figure out what I wanted to do in my life. While working with Jane it became clear very soon what kind of job would fulfill me and I started working towards it. I am not there yet, but I’m enjoying the ride that will take me there. So I would definitely recommend Jane as a coach!

Personal and Professional Development Coach-in-Training
Coaching Industry

After spending some precious time at home raising my children, it was time for me to start thinking about getting back out into the working world. Lost and afraid of losing time with my children and wondering what I was going to do, I turned to Jane for direction and guidance. Jane, not only guided me in a direction that I would never have taken on my own, she also made me excited for a career and took away that fear. Jane is patient, kind and extremely knowledgeable. After our sessions, I would feel energized, excited and ready to take on the world. Jane made me realize that I can truly have it all (time with my family and a wonderful career) by following my values and simply by believing it is possible. Everyone deserves the gift of Jane’s coaching. She truly is an amazing person and has changed my life forever for the better. Thank you for everything Jane!!

Mother of 3, Certified Fitness Instructor and Professional Engineer

I was introduced to Jane when I was unemployed. I felt I had no idea what my strengths, weaknesses, or values were. I was lost and needed guidance in my professional and private life. Jane worked with me to rediscover my strengths and core values and I came to realize that not everyone has the same core values. She helped me understand myself better and guided me on a path to a happier future, providing motivational homework assignments which were personalized to me. Through her guidance I was made aware that just focusing on your professional career will not infer a happier life, one also has to work on their private life. Jane is someone who is always available to help her clients, a true listener who also offers me much needed constructive criticism in a safe environment when my saboteur is showing its ugly face. I highly recommend Jane’s services and I am happy that I made the first step to contact her. I feel now I have been making the right strides for my life and I feel more positive and self-assured.

Project Manager/Geophysicist
Environmental/Engineering Industry

I strongly recommend Jane’s coaching services. Her skills and program and overall approach to personal understanding/growth has helped me to identify certain behaviours and attitudes which were impacting me negatively. I believed that I always adopted a sincere and open approach to attracting positive and liked minded individuals into my circle of influence. I thought I was pretty good at it. However, Jane’s coaching and her ability to openly discuss and identify both good and bad habits allowed me to see that there were many positive qualities about me which were being immediately offset by my negative behaviours or insecurities. With her help, I understood how and what was required to change them positively. Having gone through multiple sessions with Jane, I have refocused my personal goals for business, family, and outlook on life. Working with Jane has allowed me to change my attitude and approach to relationship building. An approach that is now more open, sincere and without stress resulting in lasting clientele and friendships.

Insurance Broker

I was very impressed by the way Jane helped me refocus my career path. I didn’t really understand what coaching was about at first but after our initial conversation, I was instantly onboard! Jane helped to uncover some missing components and by doing so, helped launch me forward in the right direction for my business, a direction that I had previously been struggling to follow. Jane is very easy to talk to and focused on reconnecting me with my core values and keeping me true to myself along the way. She helped me overcome my inner critic that had been holding me back, and helped me discover the positive outcomes and learning that come from things like rejection. Together we found my fearless self again! I feel great! Happy and more confident! I would highly recommend Jane’s coaching services.

Business Owner
Health Sciences Industry/Dental Hygienist

Jane’s passion for helping people tap into and harness their own potential was obvious from our first encounter. This, and her ability to make anyone feel at ease, made it easy to establish a connection and the level of trust needed for me to critically examine my approach to life’s challenges. Through our invaluable coaching sessions, Jane made it possible for me to focus on my true values, and even discover some for the first time. The tools I have learned from Jane have helped me navigate the next stage in my life with determination and confidence. I would highly recommend Jane Pak for anyone looking to cut through the static in their life, draw out their inner strengths and expand their possibilities.

Political Science Graduate and Human Rights Activist

Being recently retired presented me with the challenge of determining what I wanted to accomplish in the “next phase”. Having Jane as a coach enabled me to identify my core values. In addition, the thought patterns and built up perceptions that were holding me back were slowly revealed. That’s when the fun began. I was able to envision the life I wanted (no dream was too big) and with Jane’s gentle but firm approach, I was able to acquire the tools I needed in order to begin to accomplish that. Today I not only have more confidence in my relationships but a well thought out plan as to how, when and why I want to realize my life goals. Jane saw the person behind the problems and used her specific skill set to urge me forth.

Mother, Grandmother, Great-grandmother

Jane is a highly skilled and intuitive coach. For a time I had been feeling overwhelmed with my work and personal life. Before working with Jane I had little to no knowledge about coaching but after speaking with her, I was keen to give coaching a try to see if it could assist with the challenges that I was facing. Jane provided me with a safe and open environment where I could discuss a number of issues without the fear of being judged. She helped me to recognize and to deal with my limited perspective and pessimistic way of thinking which was having a tremendously negative impact on my work and personal life. Jane’s guidance helped me to take the lead in overcoming these challenges while also ensuring that I took care of myself along the way. These coaching sessions have helped me to re-evaluate my priorities and to rethink how I make decisions. I feel more confident, happy and optimistic. Rather than avoiding or stressing about situations as I used to, I now look forward to the future. I have and will continue to strongly recommend Jane’s coaching services.


I wholeheartedly recommend Jane’s coaching services. I met Jane at a devastating time in my life when I was coming out of brief, impulsive relationship that ended badly and that followed the end of a twelve-year relationship/marriage. The company that I worked for was also going through a major restructuring and posed threats of unemployment for me every day. I was feeling hopeless and unhappy. It was Jane who set me on a journey to find solutions to summon happiness back into my life. She helped me recognize that being influenced by other peoples competitiveness and judgmental nature and not listening to my own values had led me to a less than happy life. She encouraged me to find a workable solution to live my life to the fullest and helped me clarify and refocus on a goal in my life that I had deliberately forgotten – to become a writer. For many years I stopped writing and with Jane’s help, came to recognize that it had just built up my fear about writing and eroded my confidence. She helped me to confront the fear and stop judging myself and the writing that I produced. I can now declare that my goal is to publish a book in three years and I also know that I can do this in addition to my current career. Thanks to Jane, I understand now that I can have true happiness by acknowledging my values and living my life making decisions that are aligned to them. I am now aware of what makes me happy and I choose to be happy.

Key Account Manager
Hi-Tech Industry